Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB - Structural Surveyor London - 07927123469

Bruce is an experienced and expert Structural Surveyor.  He combines the Structural Survey with a Home Survey and Home Report via an iterative process;  all elements of a property are surveyed to provide the data from which the structural integrity of a property can be determined - this process can be examined below and is indexed in the left column.

His office in Stoke Newington, London N16 is ideally situated to cover the surounding  areas and boroughs;  Clapton and Stamford Hill in E5, Dalston and Hackney in E8, Shoreditch in EC1 and 2 and the London Boroughs of Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Walthamstow where Bruce's experience and expertese is grounded.  Where reasonable Bruce also provides structural surveys thoughout, London, Greater London, England, Scotland and Wales.

Please text or email the full address, post code and asking price of the property, residential or commercial, to be surveyed and Bruce will send a full and comprehensive offer of proffessional services.


Structural Surveyor v Structural Engineer

You require a structural surveyor to appraise a building and you require a structural engineer to design a structure or its alteration, extension, conversion etc


Adequacy of Property - Structural Surveyors determine the adequacy of a property by surveying their:





Geometric permanence


Dynamic Response

Resistance to fire and other accidental loading



Apparent condition


Invasive v non-invasive surveys

The survey offered will be non-invasive and will advise of the adequacy of a property.  An invasive survey may break into the fabric of a property and the property may require monitoring over time.


Loadings and Foundations - The loads of the property:



Weather (Wind, Snow and Ice)

need be determined and how they are transferred to the foundation.  The type of natural foundation will need to be researched.

Appraisal - Following the survey determinations are required as follows:

Was the original design and construction adequate and if not how has the strength, stiffness and robustness of the structure been affected
Are any external factors affecting the structure (added since built)

Serviceability - The performance to date (the 100 year rule) is the yardstick to use where there is no significant deterioration of the structure. If the structure does not have excesive cracking, deflections, deviations or vibrations it will be serviceable even if it does not comply with new codes.  Newer deflections should be assessed by known comparables.  Any further deflections should be determined and advice given that works will be required.

Materials - the materials will be assessed by their suitability and condition.

Iterative methodology - the Iteravite methodology collects the following data and from it determines the adequacy of the property:


Property type -  period, new build, MMC, mid war, flat, block, conversion, framed, steel, concrete, timber, cavity, solid, listed


Alterations, Certificates and Permissions - conversions, extensions, structural alterations, bomb damage, home buyers manual, guarentees, projected


Services - electric, gas, boiler and heating, drains, sump pumps, soil drainage pumps


Measurements - plans


Loads, transferance and foundations


Material and defects


Construction and defects


General defects - the following general defects will inform the iterative process:

Cracks, deformations, Movement, subsidence, heave, slipped bricks, out of level and plumb, missing elements, elements which should not be there, excavations, damp, ventilation, Insulation, wet rot, dry rot, insects, rodents, bees, wasps, vegetation, trees, invasive species, deleterious materials, chemical, physical & biological

Chartered Building Consultant Bruce Spenser MSc MCIOB


Adequacy of Property

Alterations, certificates & Permissions


Construction & Defects

General Defects

Invasive v Non-invasive

Iterative methodology

Loads and Foundations


Materials & Defects


Property Type



Surveyor or Engineer


Party Wall Surveyor 



Building Surveyor 



Third Surveyor 



Building Surveyor resource



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